Softcon CR391 Controller

  • The CR391 CntrP is CE certified. The tests can be downloaded here.
  • All warning notifications, dielectric tests (alternating current potential of 1200V is passed through the transformer for 1 second) and radiation requirements are adhered to.

Softcon PoPI Act

(Protection of Personal Information Act)

  • All personal information resides in system data bases on the server PC.
  • No personal information is transferred to control panels.
  • The databases are password protected and operators of the systems have password logons that allow viewing of selected personal data according to the password rights allocated by system administrators.
  • All passwords can be altered by the system administrators, as and when required.
  • Operator passwords can be set to auto expire.
  • Access to the PCs is not controlled or limited by the Softcon systems and if required, this by be added by the system administrators.
Read More on the SCS_BMS Specification (658 KB PDF)